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Hmm, it looks like you should have 1 credit right now. Can you check again?

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It seems fixed, James. Thanks. :smile:

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I’m a new member since nov. 20th (basic free account); my upload account should have reset yesterday evening. But today, it still indicates “0 upload credits left until the reset on Dec 19th.”.
Could you please check and reset it, so that I can publish the next one??
thanks a lot!!

Hello, and welcome!

Sorry about that. We’re looking into some possible discrepancies between the reset date/time shown in the UI and the the actual date/time that credits reset. Do you correctly have a credit now?

Yes it’s fine now! thanks a lot!

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Le jeu. 9 janv. 2020 à 18:56, james via Sketchfab Forum a écrit :

I am a user since November 30th 2017
I uploaded the latest model on December 26th, 2019.
but the counter of uploadet credidts did not reset, and writes that the next update is February 14th.
Check, please.

upd: today it`s ok. thanks.

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