View Sketchfab models on Holographic Prism display?

Is there a way to view Sketchfab models on Holographic Prism display?
It should look something like this: Hologram Video 3D - YouTube
I’ve got 2 ideas:

  • Make a special HTML page with 4 IFRAMEs which are rotated 90 degrees and models inside forced to rotate - but that may be too heavy to render on a phone.

  • Place and animate my model in a special way, just like this guy did - but that will require additional work on each model, though can possibly be automated.

Maybe there is a better option?

Iframe with forced rotation works but displays ‘click and hold’ - even if i added ‘ui_hint=0’ there is a way to turn it off?
And can I adjust the speed?

Some of those initialization options require you to have a premium account. That’s the case with ui_hint
autospin=0.1 will turn the model at a certain speed. You can use different values for the speed of course.

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