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We changed the way we return the node map. We’re looking at a fix, but in general this is not an officially supported library, so it should be fixed in the utility.

(Shaderbytes) #83

what was changed , when did you guys change it? was the change announced anywhere?

(Shaderbytes) #84

i dont mind changing the utility , but it would have been nice to get some sort of heads up , do you even know how many of my client sites rely on the current format?? many … This has nothing to do with whether my utility is officially supported or not … For heavens sake the code can be anywhere in any file with any name… it doesnt matter because the parsing will break when it is expecting a certain format and has been coded to handle that format and then doesnt receive that. So currently this means ALL my clients as well as ALL the rest of the world who have business websites using your api are ALL broken now… this is very serious. im not happy to hear this now.

Changes that are not backward compatible need to phased in and announced over a period of time so developers can make the needed adjustments.

(4 D Research Lab) #85

Yes, this is a bit disappointing indeed. Ironically, last week I presented my example to an academic audience promoting sketchfab as a better solution than -ancient- 3rd party browser plugins for showing interactive 3d models on websites. I understand that using shaderbytes’ utility poses some risks, but it is rather ‘officially’ promoted in a blog on the website, so i guess that many people like me assume that it works (by the way cudos for giving it away for free and maintaining it). I hope it gets fixed soon.

(Rémy Bouquet) #86

Hello I’m sorry for the inconvenience. A change has been shipped to provide more stable node identifiers (that wouldn’t change from one loading to another). The mistake was that we shipped it for all versions instead of for the latest.
We are rollbacking the change, and deploying a hot fix.
Note that indeed shaderbyte’s library is not officially supported, though since apparently a lot of people rely on it, we’d rather not break it unexpectedly like this. We apologise for this situation and be sure we are working on fixing it as fast as possible.

For the future, since this utility seems to provide better dev utilities to our API, we will look into providing similar utilities or integrate some of them.

(Paul Sketch) #87

@shaderbytes @4DResearchLab HotFixed, it should work now.

(Shaderbytes) #88

Thanks so much!

I tested and it is working indeed :wink: good news


(4 D Research Lab) #89

Great, thanks!