Viewer API Animation Blending and multiple Animations

Hi all,
I am working with the Viewer API and have two questions regarding animation. So far, working with it is a pleasure: simple and fast :smiley:

  1. Animation blending:
    I can start an animation, and the current anim will switch to the new one, as illustrated in your api example Viewer API - Examples - Sketchfab (the one with the wolf)
    Is there a way to blend into the new animation?

  2. Play animations on multiple rigs at the same time
    Let’s say you have multiple rigs, e.g. two characters, each with a set of unique animations.
    Is it correct, that the viewer can only play one animation at a time?
    I can not play animation JUMP on Character1 and animation WALK on character2?

These questions are not meant as critique. I am just determining viewer capabilities. I also understand that sketchfab is a viewer, not a webGL game-engine.

Maybe some features are on the Viewer-API roadmap?


Hi @farbwerkdigital,
1 animation blending is not possible. afaik you can only play sections of an animation.
2 I believe this runs into the same limitation. there’s only one timeline, you don’t have a timeline per rig which you can control.


Thanks @klaasnienhuis for the info!
Since other webgl viewers like model-viewer do have these capabilities, I am wondering if sketchfab has a roadmap for the viewer api?

perhaps @james knows