Viewer API: can we hide the annotation markers from displaying?

(Andrew Leahy) #1

Hi, we're using annotations on a models as a simple way to set camera lookat's or points of interest. If we set a lot of these then a lot of numbered markers appear over the model and detract from the rendered scene!!

Is there a way to hide the annotation markers thru the Viewer API?

Obviously I could save cameraLookAt's outside of the SF environment, but we'd like the scene builders (students) to do this within Sketchfab editor if possible.

Maybe an initialization flag would be an okay start...
Something like "ui_markers: 0"

Thanks, Andrew


Hi Andrew,

Yes, you can use 'annotations_visible': 0 parameter

More details here:

(Andrew Leahy) #3

Thanks James. I knew I should've checked as soon as I wrote that last line!

I keep forgetting to look at the Embed options page when working with the API!
Could an obvious like to the embed options page be added to the Viewer AP Initialization page?

Cheers, Andrew.


No problem :smile:

Yep, that's a good idea. I'll update the page and make things a bit clearer for adding options.