Viewer API for dummies?

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Hi All,

I’m familiar with HTML and CSS, but Java is new to me. Is there a tutorial out there to get started coding for Sketchfab’s Viewer API?


(Shaderbytes) #2

there is documentation for the viewer api , its not hard to understand or use but there is no"dummy" page for how to use this so to say. ideally you need a dummy coarse on javascipt in general as anything you learn doing that is applicable to using the viewer api. Learn what variables are how to use them , learn what functions are and function arguments , learn about return values from functions just to name a few. This will make you life much easier. Without such knowledge you are simply going to get stuck all the time trying to make anything work, even if their was a “dummy” page. Such a page could not cover specific usage scenarios and you are bound to spend weeks on something that should take a few hours to complete.

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Thanks for the straight answer! I’ll look into taking some Javascript courses.