Viewer API/ Java programmer needed

(Cousin) #1

Hello everybody!
I don't know if that is the right place for such a request, but we need somebody who is familiar with programming the viewer API and/ or Java Script.
We try to achieve the following: We have a single scanned object in the scene and we want to prevent the camera to move too close to the object or too far away. Maybe it is a good solution to disable the panning function so that you cannot "lose" the model out of sight and get lost in the eternal space of the viewer. In the end, we are aiming for a simple user friendly viewer.
If somebody out here feels like this is the right job for him/her feel free to drop me a pm

(Bart) #2

Hey Cousin,

this feature is already on our roadmap. We're still figuring out some UI issues here, so I can't give an ETA at this time. By then would you need this?

(Cousin) #3

Hey Bart thanks for the quick reply,
the sooner we have it the better =) So within the next few weeks would be the ideal case.

(Bart) #4

Hmm, I understand :slight_smile: But I don't think we can commit to that at this time, sorry!