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Viewer API load collection

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I have embedded a collection in a test page. And now i want to show additional information about the loaded model.
I've seen that i can interact with the viewer trough the Viewer API. But since i use the auto generated embed code i don't know how. So i see 2 possible solutions and therefore i have 2 questions:
1 Is it possible to load a collection instead of a single model trough the viewer API.
2 can i interact with a auto generated collection viewer.

thank you in advance



Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your interest. I'm afraid not; the Viewer API can only be used to interact with a single model embed. However, you can use a bit of code to switch between models or interact with several, separate embeds.

Here are some general resources and examples:

(3 D Artviewer) #3

Okay, then i wil try that. thank you very much.