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Hi all,

Wasn't able to reply sooner, but I really love the cooperation with this too. And I wanted to ask both of you, @shaderbytes and @klaasnienhuis: what do you consider (apart from what we do here) to be the best sites to learn js in the proper way?
It won't me my core business, but I want to be able to get the most out of my sketchfab models and pass that on to others.

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Very cool @miekeroth.
About learning JS, I'm just messing around honestly and try to pick stuff up here and there. I did start with a book however: and I can really recommend this series.

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Thanks @klaasnienhuis!


Codecademy doesn't get super advanced, but it's a great resource to learn the basics of any language.

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Seems this one is a bit old, but also quite useful

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Very interesting. Is it possible to use JavaScript to build a UI that will allow the viewer to change colors of materials using a set color palette? Suppose I upload a model of a neon sign and I want to assign materials like neon glass, wall color, metal sides, back panel etc. and the viewer can select colors from the palette to change different parts of the model.

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Hi there

Yup that is totally possible , I am developing an easy to use abstraction of the Sketchfab API and @miekeroth is assisting putting together models as targets for examples. Check this thread , It's still a work in progress but I have already done the code to make setting colors of materials extremely easy :wink:

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Care to share what you have made Shaderbytes? :neutral_face:

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We are working on it :wink: