Viewer API request: access all 'Model Inspector' render modes.. please

Hi, the Sketchfab Player Model Inspector is fricking awesome!

We could really benefit from being able to replicate those display modes via the Viewer API.

The only thing the Viewer API can really do now is toggle Post-Processing shaders.

First on the list should be wireframe!

Thanks, Andrew

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Yep! It’s on our todo list.

You can now edit wireframe and shading in the Viewer API (version 1.4.0)

See: Viewer API Change Log

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i am interesting to achieve this, but i am a bit stuck!

i want to edit the shading ( if we mean the same, i want to change the images of diffuse, specular, etc) through the viewer API, after an event ( a drag n drop i.e.)

Am I to the right post?

Dimitris Kanoutas


That’s unrelated to his forum post, but you can do it with the material and texture functions.