Viewer in PDF or Flip Books

(Gilles38) #1

Hi all,
I was wondering whether it could be possible to "embed" the Sketchfab viewer in PDF files or so called Flip Books in order to make nice 3D model albums.
I have asked some Flip Book companies but they just advise to try on trial versions. Some are talking about inserting Javascript functions. I know nothing about javascript so I am not willing to try.
Has someone ever tried that ?
Thank you.

(Chaitanyak) #2

seems like a very interesting feature to have. @james any ideas?


It's possible in some products like and iBooks, but I don't know of any way to do it in a PDF.

(Gilles38) #4

Hi @james and @chaitanyak,
The best product I found is FlipHTML5 : You can embed iFrames including Skecthfab iFrames (no transparent background though so far). But you need a subscription.
Hope this helpS