Viewer - model files and animation missing


(Theo Kain) #1

I re-uploaded a zip file with my model in multiple formats and textures but it’s only showing DAE without animation, what went wrong?

The link to the model:

I initially uploaded in FBX format and the viewer detected and displayed everything perfectly. Then I decided to add two more file formats, OBJ and DAE, zipped up and uploaded. The upoloader detected the files but when it finished processing, only the DAE file was shown in the model information.

Did I make a mistake or is this a bug with the uploader?


If you upload multiple supported formats at the same time, we only process one of them, I believe the first file alphabetically by full path name.

If you want to include multiple formats, you should probably put them in nested ZIPs inside the main zip.

  - RomanStyleTreasureChest.fbx
  - PBSRomanChestMat_roughness.png
  - PBSRomanChestMat_basecolor.png
  - PBSRomanChestMat_metallic.png
  - PBSRomanChestMat_normal.png
  - /
    - RomanStyleTreasureChest.dae
    - RomanStyleTreasureChest.mtl
    - RomanStyleTreasureChest.obj

(Theo Kain) #3

Thanks James, that’s great info, I’ll keep that in mind next time I upload in ZIP format.