Viewer not working properly on our WordPress Site


(Kathendight) #1

Hi, we are just starting out in Sketchfab, and I am trying to get the viewer up and running on our Wordpress site. The only issue is that it wont go into full screen, and none of the links back to sketchfab seem to work properly either.

Is this a known issue? Is there anything we can do to improve it?

Link to the webpage we are hosting it on:

Link to original Sketchfab Page:


Hi there,

Full screen and the links back to Sketchfab are working for me.

@bartv you mentioned some bugs like this. Can you reproduce the issue?

(Kathendight) #3

Hey James,

Thanks for checking in to this, the issue was resolved yesterday, I forgot about the forum post and hadn't flagged it yet.


Great, thanks for the follow up!

(Bart) #5

I can confirm too. It seems like WordPress has made an update on their end and the embeds are fine now.