Viewer on Wordpress doesn’t work anymore


I have some trouble on my website, the viewer doesn’t work anymore, there a capture :

I checked all troubleshooting from the help center, all is fine and my video driver is up to date.

You can check on my website:

What is wrong ?


How do you embed your Sketchfab models in WordPress? Could you share a screenshot of the editor of the post/page in ‘text’ view so I can see the code?

I embed my sketchfab like this months ago and all was ok until I saw that the viewer doesn’t work anymore.
The screenshot

Interesting, are you using the new WordPress editor? Did this break when you updated?

I’m working with Divi theme. Never tried yet the new WordPress editor that I don’t need it.
Wordpress and Divi seem to be up to date. In fact, I don’t know when or how the break come from. Before or after all the updates that I did. Sorry ^^

Hi @ChrisRobiglio - does it work if you copy and paste the embed iFrame code instead of a URL?

I have this on my page :

Hi guys,

Nothing new ? Someone here to help me ?

We’re still looking into it. We think it’s related to some configuration of the WordPress editor.

Manually editing the iframe code as mentioned in that Help Center article should work though.

Are you comfortable editing WordPress theme files? Adding the following code to your theme’s functions.php file should fix this:

wp_oembed_add_provider( '#https?://sketchfab\.com/.*#i', '', true );

oEmbed information is cached, so it may take a while to update. You can use this CLI command to clear the cache for a specific Post ID faster.

I followed the link but nothing new. The code is right ?
<iframe sandbox= »allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups » frameborder= »0″ width= »640″ height= »480″ src= » »></iframe>

My wordpress & Wordpress theme are online hosted by my provider, how I could edit it ?

I can’t advise you on how to edit files in your specific situation. Can you install plugins from your admin dashboard? If so, you can try installing this plugin:

It will add the line above. As mentioned it may take a while for the cache to clear. A simple trick to speed that up is to edit a post with a Sketchfab link and add ?v=1 (or any other number) to the URL. While this parameter doesn’t actually DO anything, it makes Wordpress believe it’s dealing with a new URL and it will fetch the embed.

Hi Bartv,
I installed it, but nothing new. This plugin is not comptible with wordpress 5.2.1 ( *release max * 4.9.10).

I have no access to FTp because my wordpress is hosted by the provider, also I need to use the dashboard to edit “functions.php” and write the code that you provide me.

Just want to know if I could edit it from dashboard without risk ?

Are you sure? I installed it on a 5.2 installation without problem. You should be able to edit the file from your dashboard if you’re comfortable with PHP and you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, don’t.

Another approach is to install Jetpack, it contains the same code:

A screen shot that I highlighted in yellow:

I’m not comfortable to edit the PHP file. I don’t know where to put the line on the code.
I will try “jetpack”.

For now, with “sketchfab Embed” the viewer doesn’t work. Very sad

I installed “Jetpack”, need to pay for configuration… NO THANKS ! And viewer doesn’t work.

Maybe the better thing to do is to forget sketchfab for my website

That compatibility indicator is wrong. I tested it on a clean 5.2 installation and it works as intended. Unfortunately that plugin is not ours so we can’t update it.

I’m having a similar issue. It technically is working to embed a sketchfab model in wordpress, but the height is always something like 150px.

I tried removing / changing various parameters in the div and iframe tags but that didn’t change the height. I will try the plugin that bartv suggested and see if it makes a difference. I’m not a coder so a bit out of my element here. Also I’m actually embedding the sketchfab model inside the Tabs Pro plugin (the Pro version of the free Tabs Responsive). I suppose that could be causing a problem.

In the screencap below, the images at the left are supposed to be small - those are thumbnail links. The problem is the sketchfab link that should take up the full height of the page but is not.

Sketchfab model embedded in wordpress still not displaying correctly on the published page, though strangely it does display correctly in the visual preview as I’m editing.

I used the sandbox=“allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-forms” that bartv recommended from the Help Center -> Compatibility -> Troubleshooting article.

I installed and activated the “Sketchfab Embed” plugin. I then went to my URL with ?v=1 at the end as recommended. I even tried ctrl+F5 to clear the cache and loaded in an incognito window.

I tried making a new page with nothing on it but the embedded sketchfab model, in case it was the Tabs Pro plugin causing problems. But no - the height of the sketchfab embed is still stuck really small.

Any suggestions? I suppose I’ll try to find the theme’s functions.php file and add the code that bartv suggested. I’m not sure if it just goes anywhere or has to go in a certain section.

That’s not an issue with our embed code, but rather with the CSS on your site. I can’t access your site right now so I’m afraid I can’t suggest any code…

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