Viewer on Wordpress doesn’t work anymore

(Chris Robiglio) #1


I have some trouble on my website, the viewer doesn’t work anymore, there a capture :

I checked all troubleshooting from the help center, all is fine and my video driver is up to date.

You can check on my website:

What is wrong ?


(Bart) #2

How do you embed your Sketchfab models in WordPress? Could you share a screenshot of the editor of the post/page in ‘text’ view so I can see the code?

(Chris Robiglio) #3

I embed my sketchfab like this months ago and all was ok until I saw that the viewer doesn’t work anymore.
The screenshot

(Bart) #4

Interesting, are you using the new WordPress editor? Did this break when you updated?

(Chris Robiglio) #6

I’m working with Divi theme. Never tried yet the new WordPress editor that I don’t need it.
Wordpress and Divi seem to be up to date. In fact, I don’t know when or how the break come from. Before or after all the updates that I did. Sorry ^^

(Nebulousflynn) #7

Hi @ChrisRobiglio - does it work if you copy and paste the embed iFrame code instead of a URL?

(Chris Robiglio) #8

I have this on my page :