Viewer rendering low quality in full screen

(Fesouza) #1


I've been traveling for a week and yesterday, when I came back to my work, I noticed that my models are with a very low quality when viewing them in sketchfab, and toggling to full screen mode seems even worst as it was resampled that little viewport to a full screen.

I've also noticed that while editing the 3D properties the preview seems to be OK and much better then in client viewer mode.

Any idea?



Your models look identical to me in the client viewer and the editor, and also look correct after toggling full screen.

Could you please share some screenshots and/or point to a specific example?


(Fesouza) #3

Hi James,
Here are two print screens:
One from the 3D Editor - fullscrenn
The other from the client viewer - toggled to full screen.

As you can see the image of the client viewer looks like it was somehow upsampled.

(Lpdenmark) #4

Strange enough I have the same experience. My models look alright when I´m in the 3D editing window, but when I exit and go to fullscreen viewer in the client view, the models look like they are interpolated to much.
First time I noticed this was earlyer today ( friday )

(Fredlucazeau) #5

I have also notice a quality issue in the client viewer, small or full screen.
It seems that models have now a 'double' contour that is fading when you stop moving the object.
Is it a new anti-aliasing features ?
And as said above, this artifact is not present in the editor.

(Paul Sketch) #6

@lpdenmark @fesouza Cannot reproduce, may happen only on certain configurations. Would be great if you could you run and share the report so that we can reproduce ?

@fredlucazeau under investigation ( thread here )

(Paul Sketch) #7

Can reproduce Now, no need of further report. Working on fixing it now.

(Paul Sketch) #8

Bug Should be Fixed now, please report if not.

(Fesouza) #9

Thank you Paul!

It looks perfect now.