Viewer turntable mode

(Ap3design) #1

What about viewer turntable mode,,, it's possible?


You can add ?autospin=X to any model page or embed URL, where X is the rotation speed. See


(Ap3design) #3

Thank you! And I understand correctly, this is only available when embed the model viewer in another site... not on my sketchfab?


It's available on any Sketchfab page just like embed, but you have to manually add the parameter. Same example as above (not embed):

(Ap3design) #5

Perfect! I got it, thanks!

(Oleggee) #6
 It doesn't work - I cannot paste any parameter in embed code...

Additionaly I don't see parameter "autospin=" in embed code in your example:
but it present in link.

I agree with ap3design and would like to offer you make a turntable function one of the standard options in scene 3d Settings - without any codes. Because some people don`t understand that they see an interactive 3D model, which they can rotate, such people think that it is simply a 2D picture! smile

(Ap3design) #7

Yes, I was referring to just such a situation is quite typical!

(Triix3d) #8

if you would like the turn to go slower you can also do ?autospin=0.1 or ?autospin=0.2 etc.. but yes, a function would be great

(Bertil) #9

Putting my 2 cents on this as well