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hi community,

i am new here making my first steps in sketchfab. its amazing and cool, but i have one question. i try to realize cool 3d-rooms for VR use. when i look at the 3d-models through any VR glas the sketchfab-player looks kind of blury in comparison to e.g. example VR-apps. is it possible that the player is not delievering full HD to the viewers eye? is there any settings to adjust?

i am thankful for any help.

andré fritz

(Stephomi) #2


Could you be more specific on the "kind of blurry"?
is it blurry in non-vr mode too ?
On what device did you test (cardbard) ?


(Andrefritz) #3


thank you for your response. i tried it with the Zeiss VR ONE ... i upload my model to your plattform and send the link via skype to my phone. when opening the link on the phone, i have some trouble clicking the fullscreen- or VR-button. it seems to work randomly and takes between 5 and 10 tries.

finally the result, checking my model with the Zeiss VR ONE holding an iphone 6, looks more unsharp than other demos running on the same mobile look like. sometimes the "starting point" of the VR is very strange. so you have to hold your head very strange - the picture is not horizontal aligned. rather 45 degree tipped.

on the computer all the models i upload to your plattform look fine and the player is very comfortable to use.

is your player delivering different resoutions depending on the device of use?

thanks for your answer,


(Stephomi) #4

Thanks for you response,

^ @mauricesvay any idea?

^ It is a known issue, we'll try to improve that.

^ yes we might change the pixel ratio depending of the situation.
However nothing is settled yet concerning VR, so it might change in the future, if the performance are acceptable though.

(Andrefritz) #5

hi stephomi,

thank you for the fast support. it is good to know you guys are troubleshooting :wink: - i think the pixel ratio (maybe to be selected in a menu like in other video players) makes a very big difference in the VR-mode. since VR-glases only magnify the screen you do recognize even the space between the pixels. any reduced quality in the 3D player intensivies the viewers perception, of course.

i took some time and compared different VR-apps, and i think i created quiete a few cool models and rooms by myself. but they look def. a lot different in quality when i see it by the ZEISS VR ONE.

i will stay on that case. i like your service a lot! the editor is just fine and the output on pc and mac work really perfect. i would appreciate a lot to hear from you guys if any progress comes up with the player. keep up the good work!

andré fritz