Viewerready Event in Firefox


Weird, we tested the provided sample code in Chrome and Firefox. Do you have another sample, or a live site we can look at?

(Lpdenmark) #23

I will try to embed another example, it´s not stable, sometimes it will
do the trick two or three times, and the next it won´t. Strange.


Ah, it looks like there was another bug fix that has not gone live yet. Soon!

(Lpdenmark) #25

Good news, look foreward to see everything run smoth and safe :slight_smile:

(Jon Russell) #26

I love bug fixes! My whole website is down at the moment...ok, not the whole thing, but all the interaction options.

(Lpdenmark) #27

Do you know if there is any news about the problem?

(Klaasnienhuis) #28

I can still confirm the viewerready event doesn't work with these two samples in firefox:

(Tiagojdferreira) #29


Thanks for the codepens, they are really helpful. Regarding the second case, when an iframe has display: none, the problem is related to firefox. You can read a bit more about it here. As a workaround, you can set visibility to hidden and width and height to zero, and then change them on 'viewerready'. I do this using a class hidden.

Working example here:

I will try to take a look at the other examples during this week.

Edit: used class hidden instead of changing directly the inline styles


We've found a solution and it should ship in our next release. ETA next Wednesday.

(Tiagojdferreira) #31

We've recently launched a bug fix regarding the event ready, that should impact all browsers.

Regarding the firefox issue of display:none, the limitation is in the browser implementation. You can use the workaround in this thread.

Please let us know if you still have any problems regarding the event ready. If possible provide a code sample of the bug :slight_smile:

(Tiagojdferreira) #32

If you want to test the latest changes, you need to update your sketchfab-viewer-1.0.0.js script to the sketchfab-viewer-1.0.1.js version.

Viewer API does not work on Firefox
(Madalin Berechet) #33

Do you know why this (attached) error message may appear before viewerready?
Where can I get the link to the new version sketchfab-viewer-1.0.1.js?



Not sure about the error. Do you have this live somewhere?

The new version is here:

(Lpdenmark) #35

The update of the viewer fixed the problem wee have been struggling with for a long time, now it works again :grin:

(Madalin Berechet) #36

sketchfab-viewer-1.0.1.js solved the problem.