Viewing my models with GearVR?

(Jimmybulmer46) #1

Hey, as the title says Im trying to view my models with a gearVR headset.

I obviously cant use the sketchfab app as it is only a select gallery of models, and have tried using the samsung VR web browser but It either is doing 'double vr' is the best way I can describe it like its putting the two screens on my screens (Which is already twos screens as the gear VR does that when its plugged in)

I tried using the normal view (not VR mode) and putting it on 360 view or 180 view but it just horrible warps the model and it looks low quality.

Basically what Im asking is, is there any proper way to view models that I upload / the community uploads (not just the ones in the vr app) on a gear VR headset?

Thanks in advance

(Romainrevert) #2

I use the app "CB enabler For Gear VR". It transform your Gear into a cardboard. Very usefull.

(Relax) #3

I really like the sketchfab app, thanks!
But why is not supported loading my own model to it?
If we use GearVR in cardboard mode, we loose low persistence, and gearvr's fast gyro, right?

Also, i can look around with my head in app, but how can i rotate the whole object?


(Relax) #4

Developers do you plan to make native gearvr app, for watching our own Sketchfab models?
thank you in advance!

(Relax) #5

Any news about this?