Viewing w/ Google Cardboard

Hi - New to Sketchfab; trying to view my model with Google Cardboard. When I send the link to my iPhone then open the model and select the “VR” option, I’m prompted to select another link. But nothing happens. No split screen, etc.

I have Basic Plan and the model is unpublished. Does that make a difference? I also noticed I have no Embed option.

Thx in advance.

first model

Are you viewing this in a web browser, or in our app? Also, I noticed this model hasn’t been published yet - this will probably cause some issues.

I sent the browser link to my phone. Then phone in Google Cardboard.

Didn’t know there was an app. Trying it now (with a Staff Pick model), but when I try to engage VR, but it refuses to load.

Hmm, I now see that the cardboard view in both the browser AND the app are having issues, I’ll forward this to our 3D team.

Hi All,

I’m having the same problem. I’m using the VR application for an Architecture class that I’m teaching this summer in the university. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was able to use a smartphone + cardboard for VR. Now it doesn’t work and I get a message that says “Large scene: This scene is not optimized for VR and might not work. Do you want to load it anyway?” I’ve tried different web browsers Safari and Chrome, in addition to the App. Neither works.


We’re aware of the issues, our team is looking in to it.

Hiya Bart - any progress on this. Cardboard viewing is entirely failing on any model - our own or staff pics. Pretty critical to resolve this pelase.

Sorry to hear that, we’ve been working on some fixes recently - could you try again please? If you’re still experiencing issues, please provide some more information: which device do you use, which model(s) are you viewing, and do you access them with the Sketchfab app, or with the browser?

It looks like this is from a while back, but I’m having trouble getting the VR to show my model in two screens. The original file is fairly large (coming from a CT scan so lots of vertices), but even after it is simplified quite a bit it starts to split the screen (in Google Cardboard) but once the 3D rendering appears it only displays on the single screen.

thnak you