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"Villa" downladable model. Comments, opinions, suggestions?

(Ti Zeta) #1

Hi there, I've uploaded this building, it's a remake/reduction of an old project.

by TiZeta
on Sketchfab

I would really appreciate to get some comments and suggestions about it, for future improvement.
It's intended for real time use, but I suspect the polygon count is a bit high, at least for lower end systems.
I has one single uv map, with 4k spec, nor and color.
What do you think?
Feel free to download and use it, and possibly give feedback!


(theStoff) #2

It looks nice but maybe a bit bland. It could use a little more variation in surface breakup. Maybe crack or vines or something along those line? The color is also somewhat monotone and could use more contrast.

For a realtime asset I would also avoid 4k maps and use smaller maps that you reuse over multiple areas of the model.