Vintage Radio WIP


(Dolores) #1

So I've decided to improve my portfolio, especially in time I don't have work :frowning: So I sat 2 days ago and made a vintage radio in 3ds Max and render it in Blender. I'm going to texture it and not sure to make it just vintage and old or more shiny and modern :wink:

Vintage Radio by dolores on Sketchfab

Any critique and help appreciated :blush:

Ps. Big thanks to Folds3d for helping with setting render :smile:

(Bart) #2

Interesting workflow - why did you decide to render in Blender? I don't see that a lot.

I have one of those radios, I'll enjoy seeing how this comes along!

And quick tip: you can embed your Sketchfab models here by just pasting their link on an empty line. That's all :smile:

(Dolores) #3


I've decided to render model in Blender mostly because I don't know how to set up good render in 3Ds Max [I just started my adventure in 3Ds Max]. When I texture it I'm going to try render textures model in 3Ds Max :blush:

Thank you :smile: Model added :wink:

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #4

I see you have few artifacts in the rendering, you probably have double faces there.
For the lighting I really advise to buy :

  1. Light for Visual Artists: Understanding & Using Light in Art & Design Amazon
  2. Crafting 3D Photorealism: Lighting Workflows in 3DS Max, Mental Ray and V-Ray Amazon *
    • *really I buy this one 39,99$ i cant find another link.

Both books I recommend to my students, I teach them the basics3D as well as advanced rendering and lighting and i find that those books are great for starters.

(Dolores) #5

So the model is finished [textured and simplified a bit] :smile: