Virtual Reality: Creating Immersive Architectural Product Experiences With Google Cardboard


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Recently I purchased a Google Cardboard (Click here to get Cardboard) virtual reality viewer for my smart phone and was very impressed with how immersive this technology is for design visualisation applications and its simplicity. This got me thinking about how I could use it for architectural product presentation experiences for my clients and specifically for Tandus Centiva modular carpet tiles. Click here for the full Tandus Centiva Asia modular carpet tile range.

CarpetScapes VR Product Presentation: Tandus Centiva, a Tarkett company, ChangeUp Studio (500 x 1,000mm) modular carpet tile herringbone installation composed with three different tile design SKUs (stock keeping units).

Click here to view the model.

This was based on a Linkedin article I recently published. To view the full article click here.