Virtual Reality interface

(Aaronopenshaw) #1

Hi Sketchfab,

The new interface for VR is great (I use Google Cardboard) and I realise it is a work in progress but the moving white circles are terrible on the ground. The magic of immersion is broken when they appear. I assume they are temporary? I use Sketchfab VR to visualize flooring products such as Tandus carpet tiles for my clients. Because of the current state of the interface, I am waiting for improvements before using it again with my clients.

Going straight into first person view mode is perfect for VR except movement, navigation and change of view point needs to be sorted.

The previous movement handled with the button was better than the broken current method. The initial view is also lost and you have to hit the '?' button and 'reset view' to enter it again breaking the VR illusion. All of my models are interiors so the initial view is set inside the model.

I was giving my clients branded Cardboard VR viewers for marketing purposes but with every change to the user experience my instructions printed on stickers stuck on the viewers with a QR code link to my models needs to be changed. For experienced Sketchfab users it is easy to adapt but including my clients who are beginner VR consumers it is easy for them to get lost, frustrated and give up.

I am a big Sketchfab fan, am patient and realise every update (glitches and all) is an improvement but just wanted to provide constructive feedback. Especially from a user who is using Sketchfab VR for business and sales.

Cheers Aaron

(Stephomi) #2

It's going to be introduced soon, as well as scale change.
As for the teleportation circle, we'll probably hide it on diorama-sized model (only when it hit the model though).