Virtual Reality Treehouse

(Vrhuman) #1

Hi, this is a place for everyone who is interested in trying or is already working in Tilt Brush or similar Software. Feel free to post cool Artwork of you or other Artist. Or Other cool Stuff related to Virtual Reality 3D Artwork.

If you have ideas for collaborations or just want to stop by and say Hi, this is the place.

(Vrhuman) #2

Check out this sweet Dr.Strange Promo. So cool they used Tilt Brush to showcase the aspects of different Worlds.

(Vrhuman) #3

Check out the project of one of our fellow Sketchfab Masters.
Looks like it´s going to be a cool series of paintings.

(Vrhuman) #4

Every time i see "George is currently playing Tilt Brush" in steam i wonder what he is up to next.
Damn nice Stuff!

(Vrhuman) #5

At the moment of writing this there are only two Medium users on Sketchfab i know of. (we have a third!) One of them is the Amazing Elizabeth Edward. Can´t wait to experience how powerful Medium is.

(Alban) #6

@vrhuman I know 3 users! Here is a collection of the medium work I've found so far

(Vrhuman) #7

The people over at Gravity Sketch send out some beta keys for artists to explore the new software.
Here are some cool artworks from Sketchfab users.

(Vrhuman) #8

(Lizedwards) #9

Ooh hello :slight_smile:

Here's my latest Gravity Sketch thing:

(Vrhuman) #10

Looks awesome! Has that nostalgic Star Fox/Lylat Wars feel to it.
Here is the ship ive done last week. Still need to optimize it for sketchfab.

(Vrhuman) #11

Gravity Sketch really pushes one to make a lot of sci-fi stuff.
Here is a test to see how well it works to create VR spaces that are meant to be explored with Sketchfabs webVR feature.

(Vrhuman) #12

(Vrhuman) #13

We have this awesome theme going at Sketchfab called #3December.
Feel free to contribute and don´t forget to tag your Upload with #3december!

(Vrhuman) #14

Today was the day that oculus touch launched and we are already seeing some very impressive work done in medium! Really cool! Sculpted by @kenwong

(Vrhuman) #15

Also "Quill" is availible for Oculus Rift and Touch Users! Artwork by @eric3dee
Just by looking at this i hear some oldschool tunes.