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Hello, I started using sketcfab more recently and I have noticing that even if complete description, tags, name etc my work get barely any views, I understand that I am not the best or the most popular artist but getting 1 view so far for my latest work seems odd, am i doing something wrong, just wanted to make sure,

Thanks for any advice

Hi there Jeffry,

I’d say this forum is not a great place to start :wink: , I get the feeling not much is going on here.
I usually post my models on Twitter and Reddit (and sometimes ArtStation) to get some expose.
Good luck getting them views and likes.


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Eddy is right - just posting it here on Sketchfab will not always give you immediate exposure. Well, not unless you have a strong followerbase here already. I guess it’s the same as on any other social media network…

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Hi Jeffry,

I would agree with the others there, I think the more your post your work around the more likely you might get some likes
Uploading regularly and in a consistent manner might help you to gradually get some people following you on sketchfab itself.
But please don’t get discouraged if people are not responding to what you create, the most important thing is that you enjoy your creation process and the results of that process, consider getting likes as an extra bonus to that.

If your considering selling your things, then I would have a slightly differing attitude to what I said, but if what your doing is just for the sake of art or practice then the the priority is to first and f foremost enjoy what your doing and never spoil your own personal achievements with expectations of people liking it, people not responding to your work should never lessen the sense of achievement you have for it.

All that said, there is a lot to be said about practice, practice, and more practice, and with practice you improve your skills and this can only increase your chances of getting responses from people in the future.

Perhaps focus on things that there are not already tons of on sketchfab, unique things tend to catch people;s eyes more then things they have seen 100 times before on the site in various styles, but even developing a strong style and applying that to common objects is also worth considering

There is no formula to getting popular, you just have to try find your own way, if you keep looking!

Best of luck,

I genuinely liked your sword, (the eyes are cool) and gave it a like.
Keep developing yourself, and try not to give up.

Yep I do like that sword too! Some quick ideas to improve the presentation though:

  1. I feel that the background is too light for the subject matter. To me, it calls for something darker.
  2. The current vertical orientation makes it look a little static, and especially when zooming in even a little, you loose sight of the rest of the model.

As a super quick experiment, just using our 3D editor options you can already make it look a bit more interesting.

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