Visibility of annotations and names

(Daviland) #1

Hello to the team
I have been searched by the forum but I have not found anything similar that can help me.
I wanted to know if with the API it is possible to change the name of the annotations and that there are no numbers.
The idea is to be able to show all the names of each part of an organ of the human body. In this way the user does not have to click on each number to know how it is called. And if you click, if inside you will have a basic description.
I also wanted to know if it is possible, to have a link inside the annotation and to link us with another 3D model that is on another html page.

Thank you



Hi David,

I’m afraid it’s not possible to show just the name without the description. Maybe you could do something like the annotation sync example to have your own interface linked to annotation positions, but you could hide the annotations completely and just move between their camera positions.