Vivi FF9 WIP - first time using MagicaVoxel


(Minalex) #1

Hi all,

I’m just getting into 3D modelling and I’ve picked up MagicaVoxel. I wonder if more experienced artists would share some feedback on my model so far:

I’ve learnt a lot so far, and I keep going back to parts I’ve previously completed to put some touches on it.

Feedback very much appreciated


(Nomadking) #2

Hey @Minalex

Nice model to start with. You can clearly tell who the character is - which is always a good thing. A couple of things I think you could improve on:

  1. Scale - This took me a while to realise too, but always start smaller. Pick and important detail that you need to have, make that 1 vox and work from there. Don’t worry if everything isn’t in the exact scale of the original either. For this model I’d be looking at the fingers or the eyes as 1vox, which would probably make the cord of the chest harder to do or out of scale, but I think it would still be workable.

  2. Less curves - I’m sure you already noticed this, but curved, sloped or rounded surfaces in voxels suck to do well. You have a lot of those in this model - the hat, the legs, feet, the slope of the shoulders, even the thickness of the staff. Voxels aren’t just a medium, they are a style - embrace the squareness! Check out some of Elbriga or y2bcrazy work on here for a few ideas on how to approach this stuff (or even some of mine :wink: )


(Minalex) #3

Hello! Thank you very much for the feedback, first of all :grinning:

I will take both points onboard while I continue the model, both are things that I’ve found extremely difficult while doing this. I’ve been attempting to avoid the squareness / blockiness and create curves, which has been probably the hardest thing of all, but as you said it’s something I need to embrace, I did not think about that

Appreciate the help a lot! I will post more progress screenshots and also check out your work, along with others you recommended

(Laurer1990) #4

Vivi <3

Good work so far (=

Don’t forget to check out a lot of references.

Maybe you can bring some magic in, like a fireball or a big lightning :open_mouth:
Feel free to check out my version of this little guy :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Minalex) #5

Thank you very much! Gotta love Vivi :slight_smile:

Your model is stunning, great job!! Which programs did you use to create it?

Hopefully one day I will be able to create something with that kind of detail, very impressive

(Laurer1990) #6

Basically i used Blender on this one with a little bit of sculpting in zbrush and all the colors are coming from substance painter :slight_smile:

Just keep practicing and you will reach your goals faster than expected :wink:

(Minalex) #7

Continuing with feedback in mind :slight_smile:

Almost complete I believe, just would like to add a spell coming out of his hand, with some effects