Vote for the winner of the Fantasy Forest Collection Challenge

Time to vote for your favourite collection of fantasy Forest 3D models!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Check out the collections by clicking blue links in the poll below.

  2. Keep the goal of the challenge in mind:
    “Create a cohesive collection on the theme of Fantasy Forest”

  3. Cast your vote by clicking/tapping the :white_circle: next to your favorite entry from the list below.

Important Notice

  • As we were a bit late with posting this vote, we extended the voting deadline to Wednesday February 19, midnight CET.
  • We’ll announce the winner on the following Friday, February 21.
  • All votes will be publicly visible.

Now - time to get voting! :slight_smile: :point_down:

NOTICE: It looks like the entry for @burba is not working properly, their collection can be found here. (Unfortunatly the forum software does not allow us to edit a poll 120 minutes after it is published)

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Hey @nebulousflynn Simply magical by maddythelam doesnt open up

hmmm - appears that they deleted their profile or changed their username :man_shrugging:

Found the new name of maddythelam for Simply Magical : Simply Magical - A 3D model collection by madelinelam3d (@madelinelam3d) - Sketchfab