Vote for the winner of the Retro Electronics Modeling Challenge

The Retro Electronics modeling challenge is completely powered by you - our community! You brainstormed and voted on a challenge theme, and now it’s time to cast your votes once more - to pick the challenge winner.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit the challenge tag gallery: #retroelectronicschallenge
  2. Keep the goal of the challenge in mind: “Create a model of retro electronics (real or imagined) using your preferred modeling tools”
  3. We encourage you to evaluate entries based on quality , creativity , suitability for real-time , and adherence to the challenge theme .
  4. Cast your vote by selecting your favorite entry from the list below.

Two important notes:

  • As we were a bit late with posting this vote, we extended the voting deadline to Monday. The winner will be announced on Tuesday December 10.
  • With 222 entries (:scream:), we exceeded the maximum number of poll options and we had to chop the poll into multiple parts - you may need to search a bit to find your favourite:

:point_right: Poll Part 1
:point_right: Poll Part 2
:point_right: Poll Part 3

To ensure everyone plays nice and casts only one vote, we’ll make the voting public .

The poll closes on Monday, December 9 @ 8am ET (New York Time) . If you change your mind after voting, click the ‘Hide Results’ button and update your choice.

Good luck!


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3 polls and SO many good entries! I feel spoiled for choice :+1: :nerd_face: :+1:

Good luck to everyone!

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I think it would be a lot easier and would encourage more users to vote if there were thumbnails. It is very difficult to go through them all (especially on a phone and non alphabetized!) and I am sure a lot of fantastic models get lost!

Either Thumbnails or perhaps when you click a model, next to “like” there could be a “vote” button. Just a suggestion :smile: Lovely work everyone!


Agree - unfortunately polls on the forum do not support thumbnails.

That’s why we suggest you browse the entries on the main site, then come back here to vote for your favourite.

We’ll look into other poll options for future votes! :+1:


It is true that there are many entries, I did not even know that there were so many, I had also only seen those published in the forum, so it was a surprise!:exploding_head:

And the truth is that there are many that I like, but can only win 1, so to cast votes!

And good luck to all participants!:four_leaf_clover:

Nebulous … I have a question, by chance my model is in the voting?

It seems to me that I have not seen it, the name is:

Because if it is not … fuck that misfortune mine!:fearful:

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Ah no! Not sure what happened here…

Did you add the tag to your model after the challenge ended?

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If I added the tags, of course … but I don’t know what happened!
Two days before the end I checked the lists and there was my model…:woozy_face:

and I just saw that I’m done!

Congratulations: @cmartin3D :+1:

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