Voxel Modell , totally overshadowed

(Quokii) #1

Hello guys,

so i uploaded a new Sketchfab modell today. Its not my first one, but the first one i encounter this issue.
It's a Minecraft based modell, so i would like it to have plain colours. Yet when i uploaded it, it is full of shadows. A Voxel owns more than one colour etc. (seen here: https://skfb.ly/6t9qP )
Does someone know how i can change it look like that (https://skfb.ly/68RnL)

Greetings :slight_smile:

Quokii / Marco

(Bart) #2

@nomadking, @y2bcrazy can you guys help out here?

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #3

Apparently ,It Looks The Texture Filtering Is Making That Problem , Its Seems Your Textures Are Way To Small , Also Do You Have SSAO On??

(Nomadking) #4

It definitely looks like a texture bleeding issue, so either the texture resolution is too small or the UV's for the geometry are too close/overlapping. Sadly I don't have much knowledge of Cubik Studio, so not sure on where/what you need to change to get results like your other model :frowning:


The texture here is quite strange, it's mostly empty space. In fact, other Cubik models that I see (including the example you gave) are using vertex colors, not a texture.

(Shaderbytes) #6

it looks like shading artifacts across edges and vertex colors? All you hard edges need to be split - face that share a edge with angle>60 need to be split

(Quokii) #7

And how do i do that?

(Shaderbytes) #8

can you make he model available for download? or share i ti with us so we can have a proper look and test

(Quokii) #9

I would send it through private messafe, to everyone who thinks he can help, but i dont like the idea to have a download link for everyone

So i'll send it to you

(Shaderbytes) #10

ok send it :wink:

(Quokii) #11

Already did. So did you see anything what could cause this?

(Shaderbytes) #12

i received a private message but no link to download the files..

(Quokii) #13

I send you a link to a private model, which you could download ... wasnt that enough?

(Shaderbytes) #14

Sorry i did not know the embed was different , you should have mentioned it :slight_smile:

i grabbed the model and it seems the texture is very small so it looks the same offline. You need to use a bigger texture. currently the tower downldoads with a 256x256 texture .. way to small.

(Quokii) #15

But all my textures are this small ... even smaller xD

(Nomadking) #16

As @james mentioned earlier, the previous models you uploaded were actually using vertex colours and not the textures themselves - so you either need to go back to doing it that way or upload a larger texture :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #17

i also replied in a message telling you to change the interpolation when using these image/images.. did u get it ?

here is my upload of your model//