VR auto presentation

(Lpdenmark) #1

I have a question about the way you navigate in VR.

It it possible to kode a guided tour through a VR scene?

I think, if you could place the VR-dude to establish the size ad starting location
in the VR setup, would it be possible to have multi keypoints and make a
guided VR tour thrugh a scene, so that you start in one position, and is guided
to multi positions in the scene, much the same way you do with annotations?

I know that annotations can be used as navigationpoints in VR, but I have problems with the exact position in VR, and a external (customer og visitor ) have to click the anotations box to navigate in the scene.
It could be interesting to have the possibility to kode the VR tour, so that you know excact which tour and the positions a visitor would have in the scene.

In that way you could make a presentation of ex. a building with multiple rooms, just by placing a VR-device on your client and press start tour. Your client would then be guided in the same way as anotations, but you have exact control of where the VR positions are.

Look foreward to any sugestions.

best regards


Hi Leif,

It’s not really possible right now other than the annotation features. In the future, maybe we could implement the Viewer API in VR mode so it would be possible to have more control over a virtual tour.