VR button doesn't work for embedded models on Quest 2

Hi, i am embedding models on my website. I am viewing the website in Quest 2 through the Meta Quest Browser. In the embedded models, the VR button doesn’t work in the Meta Quest Browser - it only shows the screen explaining how to launch VR in cardboard or how to launch for the desktop, but it doesn’t switch into VR. When i view the same model on sketchfab.com, the VR button works as expected - it turns on the VR experience. Is there anything i have to do so that the VR button works on my embedded models as well? Thank you!

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I have exactly the same problem. VR on quest does not work when I embed the model on my website.
Only PC and cardboard messages.
Any settings in the embed code to get this working?

On embeds, VR/XR needs special browser permission:

  • iFrame source needs to use secure context ( https:// )
  • The parent page also needs to use secure context
  • The iframe needs to have allow=”xr-spatial-tracking” as a property

Example code: