VR Challenge - "MY OASIS" Ready player: YOU!

(Nicktheladd) #1

I got an email about the Jazza contest “Ready Player: You” and I’m interested in entering, however, there’s a bit of confusion regarding the prizes. There doesn’t seem to be any articles here on the Sketchfab website itself mentioning the contest. The email mentioned drawing tablets and skillshare memberships as prizes but they are not being offered to people submitting VR work.

“The winner of the VR category will get $30 Steam Credit as a token of appreciation, though prizes listed above in the main art competition are not available to VR entries.”

There was also mention in the email of Sketchfab pro memberships and hoodies being possible prizes but I can’t find any mention of that on the Jazza studios contest page or on Sketchfab. Is there only one winner or will there be some runner-ups?

(Bart) #2

Hey @Nicktheladd, thanks for catching that!

@JazzaStudios could you pop in and give us an update on this?

(Jazza Studios) #3

Yes @Nicktheladd is correct, I’m offering $30 to a single winner of a VR category, who will also feature prominent placement and plugs in a video that will reach around 200,000 views. Sketchfab are contributing pro memberships and some merch, the number of prize places they’ll contribute to is up to their own discretion :slight_smile: i hope to see your entry!