VR Click Not Working?


I recently uploaded a file to Sketchfab and was able to click and navigate around in the VR cardboard viewer with my Merge Virtual Reality headset. The click function on it worked yesterday, and I was able to navigate around the environment. When I tried today, it no longer navigates around my file. I can see the yellow circle on the ground, nothing happens now though.

I can see the yellow flashing circle on the ground, but clicking now does nothing. I am using a Samsung Galaxy A8.


Nothing changed on our side.
Was there any other update (browser?) ?
Does it happen even if you reload the page ?

It is still not working, I didn’t change anything either. I uploaded a different file to test it out and that one doesn’t work either to move around in. It only worked the first time I ever used it, I didn’t change anything…I have no idea what it could possibly be.

@paul_sketch I can reproduce that ‘tap to teleport’ is not working on my Pixel3a in Chrome, works fine in Chrome on iPhone 13 Pro.

Let me know if you need further details and I can share.

Ok, cardboardVR then, that why I didn’t reproduce.
Will try to have a look on why.
Note Mobile Phone based VR like cardboard and Merge Virtual Reality headset are not tested here, only Quest and Desktop VR are actively supported.

Any news? Same issue in cardboard on a Samsung A32.