VR Clubhouse : HUB 01

(Fat Of The Land) #1

Well after alot of thought i decided to go with something like this:

(Fat Of The Land) #2

Some small progress

(Plasmaernst) #3

Woah, cool concept! :robot::+1:

(Fat Of The Land) #4

Why thank you man ! :smiley:

(Fat Of The Land) #5

An early draft…Still got tons of stuff to do

(Nebulousflynn) #6

This. Is. Awesome. @FatOfTheLand!

Best of luck for final submission by midnight tonight, EST

(Fat Of The Land) #7

Thank you man but i m seriously thinking of withdrawing from the competition. This doesn t quite meet alot of requirements . I managed to get the enviroment just below 50k triangles but the small droids within are 30k +. Also my focus was on the whole picture and not so much on details…having to post separately 5 assets is a deal braker for me as they re not much to show on their own. God only knows how this will look in mozilla hubs without the enviroment lighting or light bakes. I will finish it tonight nonetheless …

(Nebulousflynn) #8

I can’t hurt to still submit your entry :slight_smile:

a) the scene is great and I want to try it out in VR

b) the props don’t need to be spectacular visual treasures - it’s about being able to drag and drop fun/weird/interesting things into a VR room. Adding a note in each description will put these low res / low poly models into context of the challenge.

(Daedal Js) #9

glad to hear you’re still going to finish it regardless of if you decide to withdraw or not.
it really is quite nice looking.

5 parts…
the scaffolding, and iron giant head, an iron giant arm, an iron giant leg, an iron giant torso, one of the little tables in the smaller rooms, if you could reduce the poycount a bit more on some stuff and remove a number of the robots one of those guys would be great too.

(Fat Of The Land) #10