VR Clubhouse: Mountaintop Arcade

(BladeManEXE10) #1

Step 1: Make a game.

I plan to take pictures later to make textures and, as Bartv suggested, make my own side art for the machines. You can expect a funny gag or two.

The controls will differ depending on the game.

(BladeManEXE10) #2

Done! The controls can be adjusted for different games!

Now I just have to make art and screenshots (hopefully animated textures) for a variety of other games, then model the building, the terrain and any other props that might go into the scene.

…If you can’t tell, procrastination runs in the family.

(Nebulousflynn) #3

I am intrigued! :video_game:

I hope you had enough time to create the rest and I look forward to seeing what you created - deadline for submission is midnight tonight EST.

(BladeManEXE10) #4

Well, even if I could finish the whole thing in the time left, I probably wouldn’t be able to upload it with my current internet speeds.

But I might finish it sometime anyway, just to see how it turns out.

Side Note: How do you guys deal with the 512 texture size? Everything looks blurry.

(Daedal Js) #5

i use mostly tiling textures so the 512 texture size isn’t so bad there.
where i can’t tile things i find ways to reuse the same parts like both sides of an arcade machine would use the same part of the texture but i’d overlap their UVs so it leaves more space for other things.

it doesn’t work well if you plan to use lightmaps, normal maps and that sort of thing but if there are parts of solid color on something you can make small blocks or dots and just have the UVs for those areas shrunk down to fit in that size.

sometimes you just need larger image sizes for quality.
it’s all about texel density and user focus. things that someone isn’t really going to look hard at aren’t important places to have detail.
less important areas need less texel density. more important areas may need more.

bigger objects tend to do better with larger textures unless they’re far away.
smaller objects don’t need the extra pixels to get the same texel density.

it’s all just a big balance game to get the best mix of performance and visuals.