VR Clubhouse: Mozilla playground

(Tombolaso) #1

Hi there! I’m planning to partecipate at the contesr but I have few questions.

Is there a way to export a lightmapped environment from Unity? (using Unity’s UV layout and Unity’s baked textures)

I was wondering if thers is a way to bake a lightmap in Unity rather then Blender… cycles is too time-consuming and lighting-setup too exacting!
If someone have an alternative solution please tell me :smiley:
I want to avoid blender’s bake on PBR models… I think it’s too much for a game asset like this!

An other questions is: can I include in the project some actions on triggers?
Like, IF click here, then animate this! Nothing complex… just simple animations on trigger.
I know that Sketchfab doesn’t support this for sure, but maybe mozilla will add some interactions in the final scene.

And in the end… will mozilla run the scene from Sketchfab, or there will be some scene’s dressing-up in Unity or similar?

(Tombolaso) #2

Well… nobody want to answer me :frowning: I guess you guys will help me maybe in the future! :smiley:

Anyway… I started to work on my playground!
The concept is to create an interactive hub where users could interact to each other and with the ambient.
I feel the Hub a litle bit boring as it is. So I 've decided to create a place where users can play too.

The games will be really basics and will use only phisics dynamic (I am trying to keep it simple as possible, I will be happy to add more game-design dynamics in the future, if its possible :slight_smile: )
Games will be: checkers game, forza 4, tris, target shooting . . . maybe I will add something else in the future!

Here are some screen of the layout I’m working on

(Tombolaso) #3

Art will be really simple. I’m trying to build up the entire world using few modular pieces and materials.
Asset is (maybe too much) optimized and at the moment is mainly made of cubes… :smiley:

The assets will be downloadable by everyone, so in this way everyone will be able to build his/her own environment!

(Joshmarinacci) #4

I don’t know how to do modeling in Unity or Blender (i’m a programmer) so I can’t help you there. You can include an animation but not actions or triggers. In the end the scene will be loaded from Sketchfab directly into Hubs

(Tombolaso) #5

Thank you for answer!

I have an other question… as you can understand from the concept I’m working with physics and rigidbodys for games.
I was wondering, it is possible to replace the same interaction of the ducks with an other object? I want to make pepople bring balls and other game’s element from a “dispenser” (like a stack of balls) can it works?

And again :slight_smile: are you going to put colliders on objects? Or should I do that in a precise way?

Sorry for weird question, and thanks again!

(Mediochrea) #6

This looks like great fun, looking forward to trying it out!

(Joshmarinacci) #7

no it can’t do that. they will all behave like the duck (or links to media you bring in)

(Tombolaso) #8

Mmh it cant do what, exactly? :thinking: could you be more specific ?

I just want to display a my object , and once the user click on there it will spawn an other object of the same type, nothing else. Exactly as the duck behave but replacing models with mines

(Daedal Js) #9

i don’t know if you can replace the ducks with balls but if you bring in an object like a ball you can throw it and stuff just like the ducks. you can also middle click to just put down another one.

(Tombolaso) #10

thanks for interesting!

yeh i know this but I think that could be more user friendly and intuitive if there will be the opportunity to display the object-spawner inside the scene! no ctrl-c ctrl-v needed :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tombolaso) #11

Atlas and baking test I think polycount it’s reeally low so I’m happy with the risult
Modeling, etcetc still in wip

(Joshmarinacci) #14

this is something we are working on, but probably won’t be done before the end of the year

(Tombolaso) #15

(Tombolaso) #16

Hola guys! Here’s my update!

I fineshed blocking out the main environment so I don’t think I’m going to make big changes to spaces and navigable areas…
There are still lot of things to do… but I am realizing that I’m maybe too ambicious for a 1-mounth’s project!
Unfortunately the time was not on our part :frowning: Anyway I’m really enjoing working on this project!!!
This is the first time for me working so deep with baked textures inside Blender… I use to work in Unity and its lighting process (in my opinion) is more comfortable… sooo I’m scared every change I make in my scene becouse I know that I will have to re-bake the whole scene after that … soooooo time consuming D:

At the moment the scene is maybe too much “squared-modular” so I will need to model some nature props adding some organics and non-squared details in the scene. I hope I will find enough time to do it till the end of the contest…
I want also to draw some decals to place here and here, redesign the background according to the main camera movements and adding some infographic…

I really hope to be able to finish what I have set for myself!

Let me guys know what you think about that! Any C&C are welcome as always :wink:


(Bart) #17

I had a blast exploring your scene :slight_smile:

(Tombolaso) #18

wow thank you @bartv!
I just hope to have enough time to finish the project… time is not on my side this time :confused:

(Tombolaso) #19

Hi there! I’m back with an update of my Hub!

The time has come and here’s my entry! :slight_smile: I’m still not happy with few details but perfection is a never-endig story sooo I will stop here probally!

My concept was to design the Hub as a place where users could met eachother and play in itself as in a videogame. Mozilla Hub has a lot of potential in my opinion and I didn’t want to create a scene with an end in itself. So I designed the Hub with a real use, where users could be also more motivated to join in :wink:

Using only physics dynamics I added few minigames in the scene so players could play at them using only a drag-and-drop movement. (no extra coding needed, as long as you want to add a real score system and adding custom rigid body to animating targets :slight_smile: @joshmarinacci )

This is the complete HD scene. All lighting info are baked into textures so there won’t be problem with lighting’s visualization on different type of devices.

Tomorrow I will upload the empty scene and props models

I will maybe add some more infographic element in the scene, but, for the moment I stop here!

(yes, i will fix annotations :wink: )

(Daedal Js) #20

looks like a fun virtual hangout to me. great work.

(Tombolaso) #21

Hi @bartv ! Just few questions before deadline

I uploaded the baked HD scene with all props in it. I think that’s the one that will be judged as entry. Right?

Should I prepare also the scene using Spoke? Will be judged also the Mozilla Hub’s scene?
In that case, I guess I should preapare a Hub’s scene with non-baked environment (not everything at least), without props, and with a sun lamp in it (to light the props that users will add) ?

Should I upload as Props every single model I have used to build the scene OR only the props usefull to play in my scene (balls, targets, pawn game, ninepins) ?

Thank you in advance

(Sawcisson) #22

i understood it this way ;
The final scene in sketchfab tagged as #mozhubsroom will be judged no need for a mozilla hub scene
For the props you should upload the models you feel would be great to let the people add in a scene on the hub or also props that could be moved by the players (small objects)

I added props such as chairs , sofa , tables , cups etc…