VR controls available

(Makerlounge) #1

Hi there, does anybody knows when or if it´s possible to integrate a control feature in the VR mode? Like to move with GearVR buttons or bt/devices.

(Hiryujay) #2

Ditto, my phone lacks gyro, and it would be nice to use a BT controller to move around.

also, a lot of recent phones lack the gyro sensor, so it's kind of a big chunk of the userbase.


Thanks for the feedback, better controller/game pad support is something we want to implement in the future.

(Glasshandvr) #4

In the meantime, perhaps a drop in Gaze controlled menuing system might help?

Have a standard Menu Icon in the View so that if you gaze at it for (x) seconds a menu unfolds, you then look-select your options.

That would probably work great with Annotations, add a Gate-At select functionality to those and navigation or following a narrative in a story would be a breeze.


Menu system:


(Glasshandvr) #6

I checked that out, this is how to access the viewer menu:

Google Cardboard (or similar): Press and hold the Cardboard button
HTC Vive: Press the Menu buttonOculus
Rift: Press the Back button

As opposed to a virtual in-game menu as a popup of some kind.