VR double viewing


(Atalitalia) #1


I'm using sketchfab on the latest version of firefox nightly and HTC Vive. VR works fine but once it connects to sketchfab it "erases" the VR view on the computer monitor. While VR user sees everything normally I see grey/white checker pattern on my screen. I wonder if there is a chance to view VR simultaneously - I would like to see what player sees on my screen (even if it means double view). Help? :slight_smile:

(Lpdenmark) #2

It should be possible I think, because it works with the Oculus Rift VR device.

Unfortunately I have another problem, when I start Oculus and open a Sketchfab model
in VR it works fine, but when I try to open the next model the Oculus often return to
the Oculus startscreen. It seems that the Oculus have problems clearing the memory.

Anyone have that problem?

(Jean Philippelafontaine) #3

I do not know anything about the Atalitalia issue. But I am interested in the solution if there is one ...

To answer Ipdenmark, I use Oculus Rift too. Here are some things I do routinely for better functioning:

1- I always close the VR mode (button on the Sketchfab viewer) before switching to another project.

2- When I just adjust one of my projects with "3D setting", usually the VR mode will not work on automatic loading. I make a detour on my Model page to display my project again.

3- If I get a stereo view after activating the Sketchfab VR mode, I have to remove my Oculus glasses, close the Oculus Deck and start the Sketchfab VR view before the oculus Deck opens again.

4- If my Oculus Touch no longer work for teleport, I restart Frirefox.

(Lpdenmark) #4

Hi Jean
Thanks for your advices, I have been fumblin around with
solutions much alike, but maybe I haven´t been so consekvent.
I will try the solutions you suggests, realy hope I can make it work
more stable that way :slight_smile:

best regards

(Jean Philippelafontaine) #5

Hi Atalitalia,
With the latest version of Firefox, the view is now displayed simultaneously on the computer screen and on the Oculus Rift glasses. :slight_smile: