VR feature request: toggle and/or replace ground plane image

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, ideas for ground-plane in VR mode.

Particulalrly thru Viewer API or initialisation string, it would be awesome too...

-- toggle on/off the ground plane. For models where simply hanging in space is the best way to experience them.
This might be weird for the teleport circles/reticle.

-- replace ground plane image with our own repeating pattern. For example, in room-scale VR I'd replace the ground plane with a repeating image of the carpet on the actual floor, so the models look more like they are floating in the room.

Cheers, Andrew | Wonderama Lab | Western Sydney Uni


Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the long silence. We are experimenting with an option to remove the ground plane using the vr_ar=1 parameter, mostly for AR applications. You can try it, but it's not fully supported yet. It also might make users feel uncomfortable if they are floating in space.

Regarding a custom floor, it's not on the roadmap yet, but you could map a texture to a simple plane?

(Aleahy) #3

Thanks James we'll give ?vr_ar=1 a go.

Inserting a floor texture for models we own is a good idea. I was actually thinking about the models we can't alter but can only view via sketchfab.



It’s been there for a while, but you can now disable the floor in VR settings.