VR Gear Interactivity HELP!

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Hello !!, does anyone know if using vr gear not necessarly oculus , samsung or hive there are cheaper models out there in the market, that are sold together with a bluetooth device, my question is if we use the VR mode on sketckfab , and use the VR GEAR with the bluetooth, are you able to move forward in the scene ???, otherwise when i use vr cardboard i look around but thats about it :frowning: .. i dont know what those flashing circles mean?? .. on the other hand when i touch th escreen of the mobile on cardboard mode it seams to move forward to a different angle... The question is if it will work with the bluetooth remote that now some companies sell for around 30-50 $ ... thnaxxxx , Oscar


Gear VR support is not very good right now, sorry. You can find our latest compatibility tests for all headsets here: