VR: how to autospin the model?

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, in the VR headset viewer is it possible to launch the model with autospin enabled?

I tried the standard /embed?autospin=1 which starts spin in browser but clicking the headset icon the VR view switches on but doesn't rotate. I'm using Win10+HTC Vive+Mozilla Nightly.

I understand this could be disorientating for some scenes. We have student industrial design "hero object" models where I think a slow rotation would be perfect.

Particularly for the mobile phone VR viewing which doesn't yet do room scale tracking.

Andrew | Western Sydney University


Hi Andrew,

It's not possible yet, but we're discussing ways to improve VR mode for "objects" vs "scenes" - this might include controls to manipulate the object rather than teleport around it.