VR link does not work on mobile any more?

(Etarainman) #1

I was able to get the VR to load last week but now nothing happens when I click the VR icon.

Is there sleeving else I should do?



(Etarainman) #2

I am trying it on mobile.

(Arthur Jamain) #3

Hi there,

This is a bug on our end, it will be fixed today.

Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, if necessary, you can append "&cardboard=1" to the URL of an embed to achieve the same effect.

(Etarainman) #4


I have a model https://skfb.ly/Prr9 so if I append as you say it should look like the url below - but that returns an error




(Mrincorvia) #5

This workaround doesn't work for me either.

(Stephomi) #6

The first "url option" should be preceded by "?", and then the other ones by "&".
So it should be https://skfb.ly/Prr9?cardboard=1&anotherOption=1
Anyway, the fix is live since a week, but I wanted to clarify :slight_smile:.

Also note that we are currently changing the whole vr experience inside sketchfab, so don't be surprised to see some weirdness vr-wise on skfb the next weeks, until we polish everything.