VR multi view Help


(Ticketian) #1

I am new to Sketchfab.
How can I view from more than one angle using VR?


Hello, welcome!

Our current VR implementation uses teleportation to move around a model or scene. The navigation depends on the headset you’re using:

I hope that helps!

(Ticketian) #3

Hi James,

Thanks for your quick reply.

But what I need to accomplish is, different views from different sections(seats) inside a stadium using VR.

Basically, inside “3d settings > VR (tab)”, the angle of the view can be adjusted by moving a character. So, is there any way that I can duplicate the character which in return I will get another angle from which I can view from?



Hi Amal,

You can add Annotations to the scene to save different views. In VR, you’ll be able to teleport between them.