VR navigation ideas for iOs with Cardboard

(U Double U) #1

1st Idea for navigation:
what about using voice control so you can “click” on items when using the Cardboard? Like you say “click” and it clicks where that tiny cursor is. This way you can navigate around.
But you still can’t get into closed objects like houses that have no opening in their geometry and that have an outside starting position.
That’s where the
2nd idea comes in:
What about optionally combining the AR-positioning with the VR (cardboard)- navigation.
One would start using AR to position, rotate and scale the object, then switch to the VR (cardboard)-view keeping that POV and look at it and around thru cardboard, navigating with voice commands.
Make the commands customizable. Nobody wants to call their dog or kids with a preset command.



Very interesting ideas! We did experiment with voice controls for the viewer, but it was mostly just a proof of concept, not currently on the roadmap.

We’ll keep these ideas in mind as we continue to improve the product :slight_smile: