VR navigation on mobile phone in headset - help!

Hello! new here. I have uploaded a model of a church (see church8… actually 2 scenes, interior and exterior) but have only been partly successful in navigating them on my android phone with a (cheap) game controller with mouse function.
In VR (stereo) mode on the PC, of course I can use the mouse and the direction arrows as required by Sketchfab to navigate in first person as recommended. Moving the headset with the mobile inserted is also partly successful, but how do I duplicate the arrows? Do I need a particular bluetooth wheel mouse? Any help would be appreciated.
many thanks

on mobile VR only “VR teleport” function is available.

Thank you for your response, which I do not fully understand. By VR Teleport do you mean turning your head, as no other form of interaction in VR (ie stereo) mode works? What sort of model is this VR mode intended for, an interior? Shame as the platform is a good means of at least being able to present in orbit mode.

I meant: turn your head, then click on target circle, and you’re teleported to new place in the scene

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OK, thanks, I’ll try

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