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VR navigation with Cardboard style devices in iOS

(Rob2) #1

I have a super cheap VR BOX google cardboard style VR viewer. I'm using an iphone 6 but have no input button as provided by the official Google V2 Cardboard. My device came with a less than useless bluetooth remote which plays music nicely. I expect i will manage to fudge a capacitive button for using the Sketchfab teleport navigation but what is the state of VR navigation using annotations as my little bluetooth remote might manage that :slight_smile: Any help or info would be much appreciated.

(Panomedia) #2

Hi again Rob , also i feel kind of desperate i want to know b4 i buy one of those VR Box type with bluetooth , but so far i tried some vr gr similar cheap to VrBox but the bluetooth is useless for 'tele transport' in sketchfab ..Did you find any solution?? Or the only solution is Oculus rift, Htc Vive, and similar + 600$ vr equipment??? Thank // oscar

(Rob2) #3

I was probably a bit harsh about the remote of the VR BOX as the instructions make it pretty clear that iOS has limited support. It works with my Android device ( a Google Project Tango ) and gives me a mouse pointer controlled by the tiny joystick and buttons that fire the Sketchfab teletransport perfectly so I would expect a newish Android phone to work fine. Android is probably the cheapest and simplest route to some VR sucess or make sure your cardboard type device ( V2 ?? ) has some kind of 'screen touch' button that is going to work with iOS devices.

Google cardboard button not working with Sketchfab
(Panomedia) #4

Thanx so much Rob !! thats all i needed went i bought vrbox and for the time being its more than enough 4 me ... until google vr daydream is around :slight_smile:

(Henkdawson) #5

Has anyone found a solution for bluetooth controllers for iOS? I don't mind using android but my client has an iPhone and it would be fantastic if she could have her own demo device.

(T1m Hanson) #6

I'm very keen for this also as I have Zeus One headset with no button. I also have the Nimbus Bluetooth controller for iOS - but unfortunately it doesn't work with Sketchfab ( but it does with Kubity)