VR on iphone chrome and VR app question


(Atodd19) #1

Ok so fixing one problem might fix the other. I downloaded the sketchfab VR app on my phone is there way to get my models to be viewed on the app? If not then when I try to view the models in VR on my iphone in chrome for cardboard mode it constantly crashes chrome and will not load. And why does the back arrow on the app do absolutely nothing?

these are the models I tried viewing in VR:

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @atodd19,

You can't actually add your models in the Sketchfab VR app, the only way to see them in VR is through sketchfab.com in your browser.

The models you try to load are heavy (the first one is 2Million faces and has more than 600 geometries), it's too much to load on mobile, and it's worse in VR since you render it twice. On mobile on VR, having less than 100k faces to load is recommended to ensure stability and nice framerate. Here it's pretty sure that you browser can handle than and crashes.

(Atodd19) #4

@waleguene Thanks for the info, so when will be able to view our models on the VR app?

(Michaelduva) #5

aye. when able view on VR app !!!
any other VR viewers that we can "load" sketchfab into via a Link ?

really want to see models in VR on phone but not alter them for lower rez !