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VR View Broken due to Oculus SDK update


(Dilks44) #1

After stumbling upon Sketchfab I was intrigued by the fact that it states it has support for VR devices like the Oculus rift and Google Cardboard. Wanting to test these cool features out I redownloaded the necessary browsers to use this nifty feature and, I don't know how I am the first person to notice this, all functionality is broken due to Oculus releasing their latest SDK about 4 months ago.

Quoting from the Oculus dev site located here:

The most significant change is the addition of the Direct Driver Mode and the removal of Extended Mode.

This extended mode was required for these types of browsers to show their 3D content because you would have to actually drag the Sketchfab window onto the second "monitor" that was the Rift and then enable full screen mode.
To my knowledge there is no longer any way to enable extended display mode meaning there is now longer any way to view Sketchfab 3D models in VR.

I have tried searching this forum for others reporting the same problem but have found none.
If anyone has more information on this please speak up.

If it is in fact the case that you cannot view Sketchfab models on the Oculus rift headsets, this should either be mentioned on the main Sketchfab website or discussion that this website works with the Oculus rift should be removed.

Oculus dk2 doesn't work?


Thanks for the details. We are aware of some bugs that break the display, but this is the first I'm hearing that it simply "won't work".


(Shaderbytes) #3

You can still view webpages in 3D via "Virtual Desktop" Oculus App... Oculus should make this app the center of their application, after finding out about this app I have since watched several 3d movies , experienced 360 videos and played trine 1 and trine 2 in 3D as well .. all of which is not possible without this app. Well there are other apps that provide functionality like this , what I mean is without these apps the default oculus modes dont offer these things to you.

(Stephomi) #4

Cardboard should be working fine though.

Indeed many things changed concerning oculus.
Currently I can't even make it work (outside the browser), probably because I'm on laptop or with optimus, or something.

We'll try to see what is wrong next time we can at least make it work outside the browser.

By the way, did you try it on the win_oculus special build ? (or firefox nightly + extension)

(Dilks44) #5

I cant speak to Google Cardboard. However I've tried @shaderbytes suggestion and this still does not work. Virtual Desktop does have support for playing games and watching videos in 3D but it doesn't have support for website 3D content.

I have tried both Firefox nightly and Chromium reccomended browsers with their respective extensions to no avail. It seems as if there is currently no way to view Sketchfab content on an oculus rift. I look forward to hearing about any updates that come out to fix this!!

(SirVoxelot) #6

Hi there
running oculus DK2 runtime 8
installed webvr for fireforx

the VR button doesn't seem to work on any of the models I've randomly selected to view
on the chrome webvr build with the vr flag turned on
or firefox with vr plugin installed, just shows black. the mozvr demos on their site seem to work fine though

tried the /embed?oculus=2 embed code but i guess I gotta view it with vorpx or virtual desktop?

(Stephomi) #7

@eugene_flormata the VR button is for cardboard right now.

We'll update the oculus support soon.